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What will the latest consolidation of media companies mean to US audiences?

If you've paid any attention to news headlines this year 2018 has been riddled with M&A activity across the media industry. If you somehow missed this, here are the highlights:

AT&T Inc. acquires Time Warner (renamed to WarnerMedia) for $85.4 Billion

The Walt Disney Company acquires 21st Century Fox for $71.3 Billion

Comcast Corporation acquires Sky PLC for $39 Billion

T-Mobile US acquires Sprint Corporation for $26 Billion

Video Source: Wall Street Journal

With all this money exchanging hands, what does this all mean for consumers? Not a whole lot. While the landscape is dwindling down to a few big household names like AT&T and Disney, the bottom line is that each of these conglomerates still operates under the same basic premise of creating and delivering entertainment to the masses.

Each of these companies is still competing for the same households and the same dollars that each home is willing to shell out for on-screen entertainment. The biggest changes we can expect will come in the ways each company will bundle its newly acquired content. We're already seeing this with announcements from Disney and AT&T.

We can certainly count on an even greater increase in the volume of new high-quality content in 2019 and beyond. So, here's to the next Game of Thrones!

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