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2019 CES Highlights

I had to watch and listen from afar this week, but with several colleagues and friends walking the LVCC and surrounding hotels' floors I've had a solid glimpse into the best-of for this year's CES.

Here are my Top 3 product announcements:

The Omron HeartGuide is a heart rate monitor wearable that just recently received FDA approval. The device can detect life-threatening conditions at anytime, instead of just the brief check-ups at the physician's office. (MSRP $499)

This is one of the categories I was most looking forward to seeing some releases from, because this is the tech that can improve and save lives.

Holoride demonstrated a collaboration between Audi and Disney for a passenger entertainment experience that ties the vehicle's motion to the in-headset visuals. The result is something that could prove very useful in applications like fully autonomous transportation.

This didn't make my list for any other reason than I think it's a smart use of an underutilized and often ignored captive audience experience.

adam blazer osbot tail camera
OSBOT Tail Camera

The OSBOT Tail camera uses AI to identify subjects in the frame, then automatically tracks the object (say, a basketball player with possession of the ball) with smooth camera movements.

The camera has a built-in three-axis gimbal, which really does track movement naturally and without the stutter of older manual PTZ cameras.

Human camera operators will hate these and other AI camera competitors, but in most live production environments these devices are not a replacement for the "real" thing.

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